Could you see Brett Favre in a Vikings jersey? Me neither. After the New England Patriot’s landed Randy Moss in a trade during draft weekend, Green Bay Packers franchise quarterback Brett Favre requested a trade because of his lobbying to get the troubled receiver fell through. This is according to a report on the Fox Sports Web site. Fox Sports posted that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson received a call from Favre’s agent requesting to be traded.

While being interviewed at his annual charity golf tournament, Favre said “It is disappointing. We could have gotten him for less money than New England did. He wanted to play in Green Bay for the amount of money we would have paid him. It [was] well worth the risk…The last thing I want to do is start any [controversy]. But I think he would have been a great addition. You throw Randy Moss, you throw Donald Driver and Greg Jennings on the field at the same time, and go three-wide receiver set … and I think it’s pretty intimidating. And we lost out on that, and I think that it’s a shame, because I know we could have had him.” Favre

However, the Packer’s did contact the Oakland Raiders during the draft, but Oakland instead sent Moss to New England receiving a fourth round pick in return for Moss. For the trade to work, Moss agreed to a pay cut of 6.75 million.

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy was able to contact Favre after several attempts and was able to talk his quarterback into staying as well as agreeing that he would not like to play anywhere else. This is according to the report from Fox Sports.

“I’m not getting any younger and I think everybody knows that,” Favre said. “I don’t have five years to rebuild. … I don’t know if I’ve lost faith, and I think everyone in the organization wants to win. I just don’t know if it includes me. If it’s going to be five years from now, I’m not going to be here. This is 17 years for me and I want to win [now].”

Source: ESPN.Com

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