DAUPHIN ISLAND, Alabama–Four children ranging in ages from four months to three years were apparently thrown over the top of the highest point on the bridge connecting Dauphin Island to the mainland last week. The father confessed when his story that a woman who was supposed to be keeping the children never brought them back proved to be a lie.

Lam Luong is the father of the four babies who had a fight with his wife and left with the two older children. Then came back a little while later and got the other two babies. He had told police that a woman who kept the children did not bring them home, but a passing motorist reported seeing a man tossing a bag of something over the bridge and saw three children in the car the man was standing beside. This report led the authorities straight to the truth.

Yesterday, search and rescue teams found the body of the four-month old five miles from the bridge and today, five miles west of where the first body was found, searchers found a second body. The search continues. See http://www.wlox.com/global/story.asp?s=7616414 for more of this story.

What I find so distressing is that a man could throw his children off a bridge. Can you imagine that baby reaching out his arms to his daddy and then suddenly his world drops out from under him?  Everytime I think of this heinous crime my heart cries out. The man could have no possible excuse.

 I am reminded of the Smith woman who drove her car into a lake with her two baby boys in the back seat, then lied that a black man had stolen her car. Or the Texas woman who drowned her five children and her husband knew she was having mental problems but ignored them.

How cold and callus this world is becoming. It is very like the Roman times when there was no sanctity of life. Life was cheap, and considered only good for cheap thrills of the games. That distresses me greatly.

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