Kenner Louisiana Police have arrested a father of a three month old baby boy after Oschner’s Hospital in Kenner notified the police that they suspected child abuse .

tyler-jonathan-eastgate.jpgTyler Jonathan Eastgate, 22, took his baby to the hospital and told the staff there that his son was having trouble breathing, seizing and losing consciousness, but once the baby was examined by the doctors they reported to the police that the child had suffered bleeding on the brain, bruises to the cheek, chin and chest. They also said the baby had several scratches and bruises to his neck in a hand pattern. The doctors seemed to think the injuries were caused from blunt force trauma as in being violently thrown.

Once the police started questioning the father, Eastgate admitted that the baby was constantly crying while he was babysitting him Monday and finally he just got so frustrated that he took the child and threw him up against the wall, in which the baby’s head hit the wall. Eastgate went on to tell the police that after that when the baby still didn’t stop crying he struck him in his face and then threw him into his crib causing him to hit his head once again.

To make matters even worse Eastgate admitted that on a separate occasion he accidentally dropped his son in which the baby hit his head on the floor.

Now this innocent 3 month old baby will more than likely have permanent neurological defects caused from the trauma he has suffered. How can anyone do this to a 3 month old baby? This just breaks my heart for this baby. He may very well suffer for the rest of his life just because his father couldn’t handle his crying. Sure a crying baby gets on one’s nerves but you don’t pick the baby up and throw it. Common sense would tell you that would only make the baby cry more. No wonder the baby wouldn’t stop crying, once he was thrown against the wall to begin with, who wouldn’t be?

Tyler Jonathan Eastgate is now in jail and he is being charged with second degree cruelty to a juvenile. He is currently being held with no bond set.

Anyone that knows anything more involving this case the Kenner Police Department is asking you to call them at 504-712-2222 or you can just call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

Please join me in saying a prayer for this baby. I personally believe in miracles and I believe that if we all join together in prayer that this innocent sweet baby will have a chance in this life. I pray that God lays his hand on him and protects him from anymore abuse now.

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Jan Barrett

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