Colin Bower was given sole custody of his two sons, 9-year old Noor, and 7-year old Ramsay when he and his wife separated and divorced. The only thing about that is that he had not seen either of his sons for a year, even though he had made several attempts to get them back.

Colin’s ex-wife, Mirvat el Nady, who was deemed as flight risk by the Massachusetts court, was visiting her sons on the court appointed visit August 2009 at her home in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Apparently she had it all planned because she managed to take the two boys and leave the country using two fake passports for the boys.

Colin Bower says this has been an absolute torture for him on multiple levels. “I can’t tell you what it’s like to lose a child, to lose two children and not to have any means of communication. It’s horrible. It’s a living nightmare,” he said.

The mother is now wanted on federal and international warrants for kidnapping.

Bower has gone to Egypt for scheduled meetings to see his sons 6 times as of August 2010 that were arranged by the Egyptian Court system but they still have never shown up.  “The Egyptian government maintains they don’t know her whereabouts… immigration records indicate that she hasn’t left Egypt,” explains Bower.

Bower has set up a Facebook page in honor of his sons, hoping it will help bring them home. He has posted a video on Facebook that he has made and hopes that one day his sons will see it. When talking about looking for his boys he says, “I will always keep trying

Bower is asking the Egyptian government to please do the right thing here and help him get his boys back. He doesn’t think their mother is a responsible or capable parent.

Bower decided to go public with his need to get his two sons back home since the Egyptian officials apparently have turned a deaf ear more often that not in this case. One time he is told that they don’t recognize the United States laws and then they say they don’t know where his ex-wife is or where she had his kids.

Finally Colin was able to connect back with his two children, Noor and Ramsay on September 20, 2010. . He described what should have been the happiest day in his life as it to be an exercise in heartbreak and futility. Bower told NBC’s Today Show, “I was down on one knee. I was looking for an embrace, I was looking for any sense of connection. They completely avoided me.”

It was clear that the two boys had been brainwashed by their mother and her family. They kept looking towards their mother and their uncles as though they were asking for direction as to how to talk to their Dad.

Colin says, “It’s clearly child abuse. They’ve been kidnapped. They were clearly being told what to say. They were told they were going to be watched and they were told they were going to be held accountable for what they did in the meeting.”

Colin’s last visit with his son’s he asked the government to protect the boys from his mother’s intimidation and enforce his visitation rights but it didn’t do any good. So instead of watching coercion and abuse he delayed the trip and is asking the courts to protect his kids during his visits. He says he will focus on the boy’s interests as always and if the court fails he will make the visits the best he can for the boys. He vows to never give up though.

I pray that one day Colin Bower will have his sons returned to him here in the US again so they can be a family again together. No loving father should have his sons ripped away from him like this. My prayers are with these two boys, praying that they won’t be turned against their father who seems to love them very much.

Jan Barrett

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