The father of a woman who died from asbestos related disease is continuing with a lawsuit that she filed before she died. Amanda Satterfield filed the lawsuit against her father’s former employers, ALCOA Inc and Breeding Insulation Company, stating that his work with asbestos products meant that he had come home and released asbestos dust and fibers into the air, where they had been breathed in by herself and other family members.

Amanda was just twenty three years of age when she filed the lawsuit after being diagnosed with the deadly asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma. She claimed that she had been exposed to the deadly substance since birth because of her father’s clothing. Amanda died from her illness aged just twenty five.

Her father is now continuing with the lawsuit, and the family are asking for ten million dollars in punitive damages, and another ten million dollars in compensation. However, Mr Satterfield has stated that the lawsuit is about getting justice.

As part of the lawsuit the plaintiff argues that the company should have ensured that workers wore protective clothing, as they knew that at some point they would be going home and therefore putting their loved ones at risk.

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