Will Ferrel’s new movie had a unique casting process. One extra role was cast in the upcoming movie “Step Brothers” through a cancer-charity auction in which the highest bidder got the role. The bidding began at $5,000 and was won by an anonymous Dallas man who bid $47,100 and gave the role to his 10-year-old son. The money will go to the Cancer for College foundation run by Ferrell’s fraternity brother, Craig Pollard, at the University of Southern California. Pollard is a two-time survivor of Hodgkin’s disease and started the charity which has since awarded $200,000 to 50 cancer survivors since 1993.Ferrell came up with the idea to auction off the part in his upcoming movie. The winner participated in the event after losing his mother to ovarian cancer a few years ago. The money will be used to help young people with cancer attend college. The winner will meet Ferrell on Friday at the 14th annual Cancer for College golf tournament dinner in Temecula and will be invited onto the movie set next month.

Ferrell’s movie “Step Brothers” is set to be released in July 2008. In the film, Ferrell and actor John C. Reilly play spoiled guys who become competitive stepbrothers after their single parents marry.


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