This first entry into the CD world by Erik Mongrain is to be lauded. It is hard to believe that someone whose first stumbling steps in the music world was to teach himself how to play Nirvana songs on an electric guitar, could produce such a wonderful album. If you are a Nirvana fan, stop reading now, because there will be no further mention of them! I love the acoustic guitar, and Erik has mastered this art, although he is only a youngster that was born in 1980, his playing style is that of a master. What I find absolutely amazing is that Erik is self taught, at the age of 14 he picked up a guitar and just ‘went for it’. Somewhere along the road he also taught himself how to read music, and began composing. I always admire people that see a goal, and go for it.

Maybe the one aspect that I do not like is Erik’s goal of doing a soundtrack for a movie, he is way too good a musician to be buried in a soundtrack. Fates, is a great album, I loved the soft and relaxing tunes.

One thing that Erik can guarantee is that if he ever comes to Calgary, I will be asking for tickets to the event! (Actually make it two tickets, because my wife likes him as well).

Some of the tracks from Fates are available for download from . There is also a wonderful video clip of Erik demonstrating a remarkable two handed tapping technique. You can view the video clip and purchace the CD from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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