Most obese folks would love to lose some weight, dieting is a real problem, a growling tummy and a plate of pastries is a combination that is hard to resist. However there are some die hard fatties out there, and Broderick Laswell aged 19 fits that category.

Since his arrest last September on a murder charge, our hero has dropped from a chair breaking 413lbs to a while not quite svelte but much healthier 308lbs. These are statistics that Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers would love to feature on their TV ad’s. not so our pudgy hero Broderick, he is miffed at the prospect of living a longer life. So annoyed he has filed a complaint and is suing his jailers.

One of my favorite web sites The Smoking Gun has all of the gory details, including excerpts from the handwritten complaint, and a series of mug shots showing the before and after of his stay at the Benton County Spa jail

I can’t wait for the case to go to court and hear Broderick Laswell plead with the judge that he is being ‘starved to death’!

Simon Barrett

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