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India has again banned satellite television channel Fashion TV (FTV), this time for two months, because its programmes were “against good taste” and could affect public morality, the government said on Thursday.The channel, which was first banned in February 2002 for a week for showing too much flesh, has come under the government’s scanner again for its raunchy footage of scantily clad women pouting and sashaying down ramps in shows such as “Midnight Hot.”

The latest two-month ban starts on April 1.

“The transmission or re-transmission of this channel on all platforms has been prohibited…for showing programmes that are against good taste and decency, denigrate women and are likely to adversely affect public morality,” a government statement said.

Noting that the government had no intention to control, regulate, dictate or throttle the operation of any media organisation, Dasmunsi said only certain procedures under the Indian Cable Regulation Act of 1995 were followed and this led to the ban on FTV. Anybody who violates the law of the land will face the consequences,” he said.
While nearly 99.9 per cent of disputes with TV channels were sorted out through discussions, the authorities of FTV did not turn up for talks, he said.
As many as 340 channels operated in India without any hassles and the government maintained mutual, harmonious and friendly relations with them. “This is only possible in India,” he added

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