The Sci-Fi Channel has announced that it will revive it’s long running, wildly popular series Farscape as a series of webisodes on as part of a new broadband network called SciFi Pulse.

Farscape, staring Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and Anthony Simcoe, followed the adventures of a cocky American astronaut, John Crichton (Browder), after he is sucked through a wormhole and lost in another part of the universe. He must team up with a gang of escaped prisoners who have, taken over the ship they were imprisoned on.

The show ran on the Sci-Fi Channel four years (1999-2003).  The show featured state of the art special effects and was co-produced by Jim Henson Muppet Co. It featured several new muppet characters as part of the regular cast. 

The new show will be produced Muppet performer and executive producer Brian Henson and Robert Halmi Jr., both of whom were producers of the original series. The Jim Henson Co., in association with RHI Entertainment will also be producing.

Fans attempted to prevent the cancellation by sending the network empty boxes of crackers, mirroring the Roswell campaign of a few years before where fans sent in millions of bottles of Tabasco sauce to network executives. The campaign did not stop the cancellation, but it did result in a four hour mini-series meant to bring closure to the show. Unfortunately, it didn’t have that effect on the fans.

Finally, the ‘Scapers (code name for hard core Farscape fans) will have their day. Ten episodes have been ordered for the new series. No actors or storylines have been revealed yet, only a statement that “The series will expand the Farscape universe”.

Read more at Sci-Fi Wire. 

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