Just yesterday I wrote an article talking about Farrah Fawcett’s long time battle with anal cancer that had also spread into her liver. I admired her for her strength and determination to fight this ugly disease. She didn’t want to die with this. Her words were:

 “I know that everyone will die eventually but I do not want to die of this disease, I want to live. So I say to God, because it is after all in his hands: It is seriously time for a miracle.”

While watching TV a news bulleting came across the TV stating that Farrah died this morning at the age of 62. I never met this great lady but for some reason this has hit me hard. My heart and my prayers go to her family right now. The only peace I can get out of this is that at least she isn’t suffering anymore, she is finally in peace.

Friends and family were reportedly summoned to her bedside so they could say their final goodbyes to her and she received her last rites from a priest.

Farrah Fawcett is well known for her role as Jill Munroe in the hit series Charlie’s Angels from the 70’s. I was a big fan of hers. I always loved her spunk and her spirit in her. She was indeed a beautiful woman even up to the time of her death.

Recently her partner in life, Ryan O’Neal had disclosed in an interview scheduled to air this week with Barbara Walters, that he had proposed to Farrah and she actually accepted. He said that she was fighting for her life but despite her declining health they will absolutely get married. This is so sad. The interview was scheduled to air on Friday but I believe reports are that the date had been changed to Thursday because of her health. I am not sure now when it will air.

The world has lost a very fine actress. She will be missed by millions of people. May You Rest In Peace Farrah Fawcett! God Bless You!

Jan Barrett

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