Well, as the idiom goes, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. This is especially true when the pious or vigilante type turns out to be a hypocrite. Elliot Spitzer, the caped crusader of White Collar Crime, has fallen hard, and oh-so low.

Now, Mr. Spitzer, it is true, was not famed for busting prostitution rings. If that had been his calling card, this fiasco would be even juicier and more pathetic. However, the former New York Attorney General, and now ex-Governor did bill himself as the man who would clean up Wall Street, and by extension New York.

Instead, at every turn Elliot Spitzer has met with controversy and scandal. From his early use of police to tarnish rival Joseph Bruno, to the now infamous sex scandal, Spitzer has done little more as Governor than prove that Hubris is a terrible thing indeed, when mixed with Power and Immorality.

Now, Lieutenant Governor David Paterson will assume the Governorship, becoming New York’s first black Governor–and sadly only the third black Governor ever in the United States.

Paterson is generally well-liked. He is described as affable and down to earth–a far cry from the arrogant, self-righteous temperament of Governor Spitzer.  He is also blind–or at least very nearly blind–making him not only the first black governor of New York, but also the first blind governor of New York.

Perhaps it will be a welcome change. Hopefully, however, this disgrace will give the New York Democratic Party the damaging blow it deserves. Notice how little controversy surrounded the term of Mr. Pataki–and Pataki served 12 years as New York’s Governor, whereas Spitzer has served less than two!

I say, farewell and good riddance Mr. Spitzer! You evangelized yourself, and prosecuted Americans and businessmen not to serve justice, but to serve your own purposes. You took the peoples’ vote, their mandate, and turned it back on them with a callousness and pride rarely found in American politics.

You are not the first politician to fall prey to your lust or your greed or your elitist sense of entitlement, but you are one of the most disappointing. I’m glad to see you go, and I think most of America is united for this one brief moment in breathing a collective sigh of relief as you pass on into the dusty halls of memory.

I only hope that Mr. Paterson does a better job at being a citizen. Regardless of the Democrats’ inability to rekindle the New York economy, it would be nice to see them at least uphold the most basic tenets of human decency.

With Elliot Spitzer out of office, this should be a far easier task.

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