Casey KasemIt is never easy to hear about a famous personality who dies. For some reason the death of Casey Kasem hit me kind of weird like. It is almost as though a piece of me went with him. Well OK actually it was like a piece of my past. I remember hearing him on the radio in my late teens.

Casey Kasem hosted a radio show called “American Top 40” from 1970 through 1988. Kasem hosted a show called “Casey’s Top 40” from 1989 until 1998. After every program he had a standard signoff line that he used. He would say, “Keep you feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” He told the New York Times that he just didn’t want to say goodbye. He said that he never said goodbye at any of the radio shows he did. He said he didn’t know why though.

Casey Kasem died June 15th, 2014. He had been married twice and he has four children. He was not only famous for her radio shows though. Almost everyone remember the cartoon show from TV called Scooby-Doo. Well he did the voice for the character Shaggy from the cartoon. He was also a devout vegan and he supported animal rights and environmental causes.

Sadly Kasem’s health started to decline and in 2013 his daughter Kerri announced that her father was suffering from a form of dementia. His care unfortunately ended up in a legal battle between his wife, Jean and some of his children after the children complained that his wife was not letting them see their father.

The cause of death is said to be from sepsis caused by an ulcerated bedsore according to a family member. The older children, who challenged their stepmother for control of their father’s medical decisions in his last months, are not fighting his wife for possession of his remains, according to CNN.

Casey Kasem had been hospitalized after an argument between his wife, Jean and his daughter Kerri in which Jean threw meat at Kerri. Just last week a Los Angeles County judge granted Kerri the authority to have the doctors end his infusions of water, food and medicine.

There will be a memorial celebration hosted by his daughter Julie Kasem at her home in Northridge California on Saturday, June 21, 2014. No funeral arrangements are known pf as of yet.

Casey Kasem will be sadly missed. As I said before, I feel like I have lost a piece of my past. At least now he is no longer in any pain, he is in God’s hands now.

Jan Barrett

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