The family of a man suffering from pleural plaques as a result of exposure to asbestos are demanding that compensation be paid out as a result of the man’s suffering. The victim and his family are from the UK ad are fighting for the creation of a suitable compensation scheme.

The seventy four year old man, Albert Calvert, has been left with lungs that are scarred from exposure to asbestos. He was apparently exposed to asbestos for much of his working life, and this has left him with a debilitating disease that has profoundly affected his life.

He is now in a wheelchair that he has to use all the time according to reports because of his condition, and his son said that he often hears his father state that because of his condition he were no longer alive at all, which is distressing for the family.

Following a recent newspaper campaign the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had stated that he would be fighting to try and ensure that victims of pleural plaques, which is scarring of the lungs, from asbestos exposure, would be able to get compensation.

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