A family from the UK has recently spoken out about their cancer misery, after three members of the family were struck down with cancer, two of them contracting the asbestos cancer mesothelioma. While one member of the family died from the cancer the other two are now well on the way to recovery.

Forty five year old Jonathan George was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2003, and had to spend time in hospital having treatment for the cancer. However, just a year later his father was also diagnosed with the same cancer, and he died just as Jonathan found out that he was free from the cancer.

However, just months later Jonathan’s nine year old daughter, who had spent a lot of time at his bedside in hospital, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Mrs George said that their shared link with cancer helped her daughter and husband to bond and to heal.

She added: “We don’t worry about things any more and take every day as it comes. We appreciate every day as if it was our last. There’s no point in planning big things because we can see that life is so delicate. We only think of the future and if we want to do things more often than not we will. We’re getting back to a bit of normality. I don’t want any bad stuff any more – I refuse.”

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