The family of a UK man who died from the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma has been awarded one hundred thousand GBP. The man, Dudley Maasz, was a former railway worker who is said to have been exposed to deadly asbestos, which eventually robbed him of his life.

Maasz was seventy four years old when he died from the cancer in 2006, having been diagnosed with it back in 2005. He had worked for Great Western Railways in the 1940s according to reports. BRB, which was formerly known as British Rail, settled the claim out of court.

A lawyer for the family said: “We were able to establish that Mr Maasz death was caused by exposure to asbestos during his employment at the Oxford works. Boilers of locomotives were coated with thick asbestos and asbestos was also used over the pipes and cylinders of the engines. As a cleaner and fireman, Mr Maasz would have been exposed to this.”

The victim’s brother stated: “He used to sleep a lot, the pain got worse and worse and eventually he was in bed most of the time. One day I looked at him and thought – my goodness – he was half the size, he’d been eaten away, I felt so sorry for him.”

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