The family of a UK man who died from asbestos related illness has received compensation amounting to one hundred and forty thousand GBP (around two hundred and eighty thousand dollars). Jim Crowe, from Wood Green, worked as a clerk for Haringey Council, and died last year at the age of seventy nine.

Mr Crowe was allegedly exposed to asbestos for a number of years when working for the council, and for the Greater London Council. He died from the asbestos related cancer known as mesothelioma. The compensation was awarded to his widow, his four children, and his four grandchildren.

His forty two year old daughter said: “My dad was a really fit and healthy man and he was passionate about DIY and gardening. But during the last seven or eight years he started to lose all his energy and ability to do any physical work. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. It was sad to see the way he suffered and the psychological effect his illness had on him.”

One union official said: “Mr Crowe was exposed to asbestos when doing a hard day’s work. The employers put his health and safety in jeopardy by exposing him to asbestos at a time when they knew or ought to have known about the dangers.”

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