The family of a man who is said to have died as a result of exposure to the deadly substance asbestos may finally get a compensation payout as a result of the success of a newspaper appeal. The man, George Cotton, died from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma last April, and his family have been fighting for justice ever since.

The family decided to use a local newspaper to appeal for witnesses to provide statements in order to lend their case more strength, and as a result of the appeal four people came forward who said that they would be prepared to give the necessary statements to help the family’s case to get compensation.

Mr Cotton’s daughter stated: “My brother and I said we would carry on the action for our mother, Daphne’s benefit. She is not very mobile now. And the money would be very useful especially now that my father is gone. It’s great news that they have come forward.”

A lawyer for the family said: “It was thanks to the Evening Telegraph article that the witnesses came forward. We have a good case now. A substantial amount of compensation is possible. Larger pay-outs tend to happen when the widow of the deceased is still alive as is the case here.”

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