The family of a man who died from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma has launched an appeal for evidence relating to his death. The man, who died in 2002 from the disease, was the brother of the singer Shakin’ Stevens, a popular figure in Brit pop in the 1980s.

Kenneth Barratt had spent many years working at Guest Keen Nettlefold in Cardiff, where it is claimed he was exposed to the deadly carcinogenic, asbestos. His family is now appealing for other former workers at the company to come forward to back up the exposure to asbestos at the company.

Mr Barratt’s daughter, Jane Green, said: ““GKN was a major employer in Cardiff meaning that many people, like my father, will have been exposed to the asbestos.” His job was to clean and maintain the furnaces.” She added: “this involved sweeping the dust from the inside of the ovens and the pipework, bringing him into close contact with the asbestos lagging. It seems wrong that my father should have been taken from us due to someone else’s negligence.”

The family lawyer also commented on the case, stating: “It is tragic that victims such as Mr Barratt have not been able to claim the compensation to which they are entitled.”

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