The family of a woman that died as a result of secondary exposure to asbestos dust and fibers has been told that it can seek damages and compensation over her death. The woman died after being exposed to asbestos from her father’s work clothing since she was born, and her family have been told that they can seek damages from her father’s former employer.

The ruling was made by the Tennessee Supreme Court, and the court concluded that the father’s employer should have known the dangers of exposure to asbestos, and should have taken action to ensure that asbestos dust and fibers did not leave the worksite.

Reports claim that the victim’s father started working at an Alcoa Inc plant in the 1970s, which was after regulations were brought in for companies to provide increased protection and precautions for those working with asbestos products.

It was found that Alcoa did not adhere to these regulations in terms of taking precautions and providing protection to ensure that workers were protected from asbestos dust and fibers, and to control the spread of asbestos to other areas outside of the workplace.

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