The family of an asbestos victim from Missouri has received millions of dollars in compensation following his death, according to a recent report. Robert Wagner died from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma, and this family filed a lawsuit against three corporate giants.

The lawsuit was dealt with in Clay County Court, and the family has now been awarded four and a half million dollars as a result of Mr Wagner’s asbestos related disease and subsequent death. The family claimed that Mr Wagner was exposed to asbestos products, which resulted in the illness and his death.

Mr Wagner used to work with asbestos tiles and other products, installing them in buildings around the Kansas area. It is thought that much of his exposure may have come before government regulations were brought in with regards to asbestos exposure as construction and building sites.

Whilst three companies were named as defendants in the lawsuit one was dismissed from the proceedings last year. The two that have had to pay the settlement to the family are Bondex International Inc., of Ohio and Conwed Corporation of Wilmington, Delaware.

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