Two Chinese families sue a hospital that mixed-up their babies after birth 15 years ago according to government-run media Tuesday.
A couple surnamed Lu, who gave birth at a hospital in Nanning in the southern province of Guangxi in 1991, raised a son by a woman surnamed Liu and a man surnamed Yao. Their son grew up in the hands of a man surnamed Yao and woman surnamed Liu who gave birth to a baby boy in the same day at the same hospital 15 years ago.

The couple Lu suspected that their boy was not their son because their blood types were incompatible as shown in a test they took in 2004 according to the Xinhua news agency.
Further testing was later conducted to know their biological relations and this too reveal that the boy was not biologically related. This prompted the Lu’s to conduct an investigation. They acquire the names of the babies born the same day Lu gave birth to their baby boy 15 years ago.
“It was confirmed that a boy raised by a woman surnamed Liu who had given birth to a son on the same day was actually theirs, and that the boy they had raised was the son of Liu and a man surnamed Yao,” Xinhua said.
Liu and Yao suspected that their “son” got mixed up because their appearance and personality were so different to their own as “to make people point,” and eventually lead to their divorce.
Both couples blamed hospital “mismanagement in the process of providing treatment” and staff negligence.
The case is still being heard.

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