A couple days ago, I posted that the UK and Philippine police had busted a gang involved in visa fraud, and noted that the doctors in the UK who bombed the ladies night club and airport may have been recruited using false papers.
There are links of one bomber, a Palestinian who studied in Baghdad, to middle East radicals but for Asians, the most upsetting link was with not the crazy Middle East but India.The link is the city of Bengalore, the center of the booming Indian high tech industry,(and of anti western Immans who dislike the prosperity of their Hindu neighbors).
Bengalore is also a hub for illegal visas and documents to get these visas.
So is there a link between the fake visa industry and this act of terrorism?According to the Australia Telegraph:

Brothers Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed applied for jobs with the Western Australia Health Service but were rejected on character grounds.

It was also revealed the pair were cousins of Gold Coast Hospital registrar Dr Mohammed Haneef, who remains in custody.

WA medical officials confirmed one of the brothers applied using different names on “several occasions”.

I know as a doctor who has worked overseas, to get your license, you need to present original or certified copies of your medical school and training. To do so “using different names” means you presented falsified papers.
For India, the bad news is that the false visa scam for high tech jobs takes these limited number of visas from qualified professionals.
Like the Philippines, getting a visa for the US is a much coveted document, a passport of wealth and prosperity for the middle class and aspiring middle class whose job opportunities locally are limited or pay far less.
For the US the bad news is that it means terrorists might be entering the country using these fake visas.Nor is the problem limited to India and the Philippines: In 2004 the consulate in Nueva Laredo Mexico was busted for giving at least 70 visas to “prior refused applicants, criminally deported aliens, and out-of-district applicants during outreach trips to Mexico in March 2002.”

Senators Grassley and Durbin are planning to investigate visa fraud, since importing substandard cheaper labour destroys jobs for Americans.LINK2

The immigration bill failed because grass roots coalition between law and order conservatives and labour union members whose jobs were at stake raised an outcry.

Personally, I sympathise with those trying to enter the US with or without papers (or with false papers) who only want to work to support their families.

But the ability of terrorists to enter countries using these false papers needs to be examined. As Senator Feinstein has noted the ability of terrorists to enter legally on student and other visas or by using false passports and visas has not been significantly decreased since 9-11.
Nor is the problem of foreigners linked to terrorists bombings limited to Europe or the US, since a Jordanian with false papers and the cover of an Islamic charity was believed to be behind the 2002 Zamboanga bombing that killed a US soldier and two Philippine civilians.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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