If this is how the memory of heroes gets treated in the U.S. today, then I wouldn’t blame any U.S. soldier if they would stop caring about their own country — not that any soldier has done so. I reported several months ago that a bunch of ignorant, ingrates in Colorado were trying to stop a memorial to a local hero from being erected where school kids could see the display. And now we have a story where a fallen Marine’s grave is desecrated.

Where is people’s shame? Where is their patriotism? Where is their common decency?

The Houston Chronicle reports that Marine Jeremy Burris’ grave was desecrated in Liberty, Texas this week.

An all-American kid from a little all-American town, the 22-year-old Marine lance corporal died heroically in Iraq. More than a thousand people turned out Wednesday as a white hearse carried his body to burial in the historic 1800s Cooke Memorial Cemetery.

Within hours, the grave was desecrated. About 30 sprays of flowers were ripped apart, petals strewn over the loose earth. Flags decorating the gravesite were also torn down and sentimental notes and posters shredded.

This young Marine is a true hero. He saved the lives of several people in the incident that took his own.

Burris was killed Oct. 8 by an explosive device in al-Anbar Province.

Minutes before his death, he rescued two soldiers wounded when a device exploded under their military vehicle. When Burris returned to the vehicle to retrieve some sensitive equipment, another bomb detonated, killing him, his family said.

This sort of thing seems to be happening increasingly and my guess is that it isn’t just kids out to be jerks, but an anti-war activist who has been driven insane by the hate that is spewed day in and day out by the left in the USA.

Things like this are the fault of people like Michael Moore, Kieth Olberman, or Air America — people who egg on this sort of hate.

We can only hope that the creeps that perpetrated this outrage are found and persecuted… not just prosecuted… but persecuted by all. They should be ostracized by polite, patriotic society.

Folks, THIS is the anti-war left in action.

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