Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, newly-hired coach Bobby Petrino, and president and general manager Rich McKay told quarterback Michael Vick today they are not happy about an incident involving Vick and a water bottle containing suspected marijuana at the Miami International Airport.

Vick allegedly did not want to give up his 20-ounce water bottle when going through airport security. That reluctance caught the attention of security officials who discovered a false bottom on the bottle where a black substance smelling like marijuana was stored.

McKay said the meeting between Vick and Falcons officials was “stressful”.

“I met with Michael this morning, the coach did, we clearly expressed our displeasure, had a pretty frank discussion about it,” McKay told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Internally, we will deal with the issue. It’s something we should deal with and will deal with.”

Vick was not arrested. A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade County Police Department said an analysis to determine what the substance is could occur but is not a priority. Detective Robert Williams said other major crimes, such as homicides, take priority.

Vick was preparing to board a flight from Miami to Atlanta to meet with Petrino at the Falcon’s office in Flowery Branch when the incident occurred. Vick now could be forced to enter the NFL’s substance abuse program which would require him to submit to random drug tests.

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