Here is an interesting one – just a few days after the FTC announced a civil judgment against Zango – we see a “diversion tactic” designed to download their product.

I guess the not-so-good folks at Zango have decided to keep on with their misdeeds against Internet users.The good news is that there are “good guys and gals” watching out for the rest of us on the Internet.

Here’s a warning from the “good folks” at Websense:

Websense├é┬« Security LabsTM has discovered a number of user pages on the MySpace domain which have videos that look like they are from You Tube. The videos have an installer embedded within them for the Zango Cash Toolbar. When users click on the video, they are directed to a copy of the video, which is hosted on a site called “”

Warning: This site has adult images on it.

Link to full alert, here.

Perhaps this needs to be investigated further – and maybe instead of civil action – someone should see if any crimes can be established?

Paul – Your comment on my last post on this was almost psychic!

Link, here.

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