Now, where have we heard that before?  Just a few days ago John Kerry said the same thing.  All the AP articles are saying the same thing.  She says she was joking and her manager said she was joking.  “She was playful before and she was playful after.”

And Carrie Underwood did not take it seriously.  You can see her reaction on YouTube.  See for yourself.  But, here’s the thing, I’ve seen Faith Hill act and she just isn’t that good.  She can decry this all she wants, but she wasn’t not acting or joking in my opinion. 

We have a higher divorce rate, a higher infidelity rate, a higher job hopping rate, a lower tolerance for most other things, we can’t wait on a cashier from more than 30 seconds without huffing.  (I’ve seen this reaction and all it does is fluster the cashier and make the ones standing behind the irritated customer irritated.)  Worse than that, what are we teaching our kids?

It’s time to take stock in ourselves and to ask that question that no one in the spotlight or celebrity light seems to want to ask… So, what’s with the lack of self-control these days? 

And here’s another question… Why can’t adults admit it when they are wrong?  Admitting error, mistakes or being just plain wrong saves a ton of energy and makes credibility skyrocket.  Kerry, just say, “I was wrong!”  Faith, just say, “I was wrong.”  Haggard, just say, “I was wrong.”  Life is much simpler when you take responsibility for your mistakes/sins what ever you want to call them.  Be an adult, admit it and then put it behind you.  Suck it up and stick it out and then move forward.  Who in the world is perfect anyhow?  Not a one I’ve laid eyes on recently. 

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Gina Burgess is the editor of The Tensas Gazette and a redactor for internet marketing company.  She is a columnist for Live As and a site admin for  Visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.


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