Caitie Parker, a singer/songwriter from Oro Valley, AZ, says that she knows Jared Loughner, the gunman that shot 19 people in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday, January 8th. She really hoped it wasn’t the same guy she went to high school with several years earlier, as he had been a really good friend. Not only did she go to high school with him, but college as well and was in a band with him. “There were 5-6 of us that hung out” in high school. Unfortunately, it was.

At that time, she said, he was very philosophical and leaned to the ‘left.’ She said, “For the Bush/Kerry election we all wore “1 term president” buttons. That election was HUGE to us.”

He had actually met Gabrielle Giffords in ’07, and after asking her a question, told Caitie later that Gifford was “stupid and unintelligent.” The question he asked Giffords, Caitie said, “was odd & didn’t make sense, I can’t remember what it was. Just know it was weird.” The last time she had seen him in person was in 2007, in a sign language class.

Contrary to the opinion of several bloggers following the shooting, there is no evidence that Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck had any influence on Loughner. On the contrary, according to Caitie, at the time she knew him, he was left wing, quite liberal, and “oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.” “He wore shirts & bracelets about it. & liked to discuss 2012 w/ everyone!”

Their group was “liberal in wanting to change the way the world was run, we both wanted to. He took it to an extreme I never would’ve.” She said he was a “political radical” long before the teaparty, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin came on the scene.

Caitie also said he was a pot head and was into the music of Hendrix, The Doors, and Anti-Flag. “We listened to political punk in high school & agreed with their leftist opinions for the most part. Anti-Flag was our band.”

She states that he adhered to the “straight edge” beliefs of Anti-flag for the first few years of High School, but “Junior year & on, no.”When she knew him, he had lot of friends, smoked pot, and dated girls, “until he got alcohol poisoning” in 2006 and dropped out of school. After that, he became very reclusive and was mainly a loner.

There is NO evidence that he was influenced by conservatives, but there is good evidence he was influenced by socialists. His my Space page, for example, listed Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto as some of his favorite books.

He spent lots of time on My Space and You Tube using words and phrases that didn’t make much sense to express his angst with the world. (Screen grabs before his My Space was taken down – http://is.gd/koh1ghttp://is.gd/koh1m) -You Tube – Introduction: Jared Loughner


As well as a favorite video burning the American Flag


There was also talk of an accomplice – a white male about 50 years old. It’s unclear where that description comes from, although it has been reported by a neighbor just blocks away from Giffords’ Congressional office in Tucson that there was possibly a package left with a bomb in it. She heard booms while they render the device, and as she drove by the area, she saw dozens of cop cars and a bomb squad…

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