Today, The Newspaper New York “Newsday” Ran an article
(Attributed to the Associated Press) The article entitled “Contents of Clinton’s closed door speeches leaked, campaign blames Russia”
The article makes reference to leaks of comments reportedly made by a Presidential Candidate (Clinton) and quotes a variety of people who were interviewed to complete the article.

The second paragraph of this article, a one sentence statement, reads: “The leaks were the result of another email hacking intended to influence the presidential election.”

This statement stands alone, is not attributed to anyone, and is conjecture at best, not based on fact or even based on the words of another. Was this sloppy editing, ? or was this a writer- opinion slid into the article.? There is no way to tell, but there is the statement – basically reading into the mind of the Hacker, and posting it as fact.

Maybe this is a new Technique “Mind Reading Journalism” intended to better inform the Voting public, – or maybe not.

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