In Colombia, FARC continues to tease by again claiming they will release two hostages (out of 3000 civilian and military hostages, of which a couple hundred are high profile hostages).

This is a game, of course, allowing nearby Venezuela President Chavez to bask in the limelight pretending he is Castro’s heir in promoting socialist utopias in Latin America. This means he lets FARC free reign in fleeing from the Colombian military into his country; the bad news is that they are using the lack of border control to smuggle drugs, and commit crime against Venezuelans, but never mind: Chavez wants to have their “terrorist” label removed so they can be “recognized” as legitemate.

StrategyPage reports:

Many European leftists still support FARC, ignoring any contrary evidence, even the testimony of Colombian victims of FARC crimes are brushed aside, and accused of being part of a U.S. plot to discredit FARC. Moreover, there is much popular support for helping FARC in France, because one of the hostages (a woman kidnapped while running for president of Colombia) also has a French passport. The French media plays this up, and French politicians are under pressure to do whatever they can to get FARC hostages freed.

Yup, just like here in the Philippines: rewrite history so that every leftist killed (including those killed for deserting the revolution) is blamed on the government, and ignore the many killed by the leftists, not to mention the displaced and those killed by landmines.
One can see this in the US Congress, who is holding up aid for Colombia in protest of “Death squads”: so the Democratic Congress will ruin the economic package of free trade to make their point.

But the BBC reports that FARC is losing their recruits: 3000 gave up last year under a government promise of amnesty. The Amnesty offer has had widespread publicity and advertisements on radio and TV; it is attracting so much attention that some FARC commanders are replacing their troops radios with mp3 players so that their troops won’t hear those offers.

But the really big news is that the grass roots have had it with these drug terrorists who pretend to want a left wing utopia to cover their crimes.

After twenty hostages were executed by FARC last year, a million Colombians took to the streets.

This week, new anti FARC protests are going to be held in that country, and the protest is being organized via FACEBOOK.

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

What began as a group of young people venting their rage at the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on Facebook, an Internet social-networking site, has ballooned into an international event called “One Million Voices Against FARC.”

“We expected the idea to resound with a lot of people but not so much and not so quickly,” says Oscar Morales, who started the Facebook group against the FARC, which now has 230,000 members. Organizers are expecting marches in 185 cities around the world.

Some hostage families are not joining the protest. This is understandable, since often hostages are killed when rescue attempts occur. Other Colombians echo Rodney King, and insist that peace talks about getting along together is the way to go.

But most Colombians are weary of fifty years of war, and want to see it stopped.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. She has a son living in Colombia.

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