Facebook is a very popular ‘social networking’ site, however at least one Canadian privacy group is taking them to task. The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic has listed 22 separate breaches of privacy law in Canada. Director Phillipa Lawson told the BBC that, with over 7 million users in Canada, “Facebook needs to be held publicly accountable”.

As with any argument there are at least two sides, and in reality three, yours, mine, and the truth that lays somewhere in the middle.

The complaint against Facebook cites that Facebook collects sensitive information about its users and shares it without their permission.

Naturally Facebook rejects this claim stating that they maintain some of the highest standards around.

Social networking sites are great targets, the very nature of their product lays them open to attack from every whacko out there. What is perceived as ‘social networking’ by one, is viewed as something illegal by others.

Facebook, and MySpace have had their share of problems lately, the evolving world of Web 2.0 certainly is changing the vista of the net. One has to wonder though about the altruistic goals of groups like The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, are they really interested in peoples personal data being safe, or are they just out to make a name for themselves?

The Web 2.0 seems to have also led to the rise of Whacko 2.0. The last time I checked, it is not compulsory to use Facebook, MySpace, or any other of these sites. In my opinion Whacko 2.0 should get a life! And if you don’t want your personal information spread around the internet, don’t put it on the internet. What surprises me about Whacko 2.0 is that they have yet to go after the various phone directories that are online. Isn’t that personal info? With reverse lookup, and address lookup, the average burglar could plan his hit from the comfort of his PC. None of that boring ‘casing the joint’, select a neighborhood, and start dialing everyone on the street, if you get an answer, don’t bust in!

This is stupidity taken to new lows! Idiots like The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic need to get real jobs (but I thank them for providing the opportunity to write this story). To use a quote from Homer Simpson “Doh”.

Simon Barrett


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