It has been claimed in a recent report that some experts believe that concerns over asbestos exposure in Welsh schools are actually exaggerated. Experts have said that the danger posed to students and teachers at schools in Wales is not as serious as some have made out, according to the report.

A senior official from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive said that stories of children and teachers suffering exposure and subsequent health problems in schools was resulting in teacher’s unions being “whipped into a frenzy”.

The Health and Safety Executive official said that while it may be true that asbestos dust in schools is released from areas such as floor tiles and ceilings the dose is too low to cause the level of danger and problems that unions and other officials are concerned about.

He stated: “Inhalation of asbestos fibres is something you should sensibly avoid. But all the statements about asbestos time bombs in Welsh classrooms ignore the truth of the last 40 years. If asbestos was really as dangerous as some people would have you believe then no one would have reached their 50s because we have all been to school. It isn’t a case of inhaling one fibre and you’re dead.”

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