An asbestos expert is to address residents from Davidson’s Westside on Thursday 20th November, over residents’ concerns about asbestos exposure from the redevelopment of the Metrolina Warehouse. The expert will be speaking to the residents about asbestos removal and all local residents will be invited to attend.

Residents are to be addressed by an environmental expert from Mecklenburg County at their next meeting. The meeting will be held at the Senior Nutrition Center cafeteria and will commence at 7pm. The expert is to provide information on how asbestos is cleaned up from sites.

It is hoped that this will give worried residents a better understanding of the process. Some residents have been expressing concern over how the redevelopment of the site will affect them and the area since plans were unveiled last summer.

According to reports and town officials asbestos was buried and sealed off on the west side of the property in line with federal regulations. However, the developer has said that the chance of asbestos exposure, he is considering removing the material.

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