News Item:
New Jersey residents continue fleeing the state

So people are moving out of New Jersey.  That isn’t news.  Sky high taxes, inflated property values, some folks just plain can’t afford it anymore.  Besides the standard government mismanagement of anything monetary in the state, an article over at Enlighten – New Jersey points out a tax burden I hadn’t given much thought to.

Whenever I read about illegal immigration, my mind projects an image of our southern border states.  It’s just a reflex reaction.  Truth is, in the past few years, New Jersey has become home to almost 1 million illegal immigrants.  While more legal residents are moving out than moving in, this has been offset by the illegal influx, which in turn means more schools, and more state and municipal services, paid for by fewer tax paying residents.  Government in New Jersey is growing faster, percentage wise, than private business is, to handle this population shift.  Quite a turn-around from not that long ago.  More info is linked below.
Link: Enlighten – New Jersey

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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