The bus driver in Spandau never knew what hit him. After refusing to let an elderly man enter his bus while taking his well-deserved and gesetzlich vorgeschriebene (mandatory) coffee-and-Frühstücksbrötchen-while-reading-the-Bildzeitung break, the 77-year-old nameless ex-terrorist jumped aboard anyway and began choking the hapless public transportation specialist with inordinate vigor.

Meanwhile, at a demonstrative “Revolutionary May Demonstration” demonstration being held at Lausitzer Platz in Berlin, denture-toting ex-terrorist Ralf, uh, something (members of the leftist terror sympathizer wing still prefer to refer to him using the codename Willy von Nelson) was earning round after round of jubilant applause from the highly-intellectual and progressively revolutionary crowd while he proudly justified the RAF killings of Hans Martin Schleyer and Siegfried Buback. These were murders which he and other forward-thinking revolutionary compatriots like him committed (if not directly, then certainly indirectly) way back when in the previous century sometime, but I couldn’t tell you just when. Inge Viett, another infamous and decrepit, old, ex-terrorist bat, was also spotted at the rally, drooling and occasionally clapping when prompted to do so - when not dozing off on one or two of the more comfortable front row seats, that is.

It is unclear whether these two incidents were coordinated or not, but given the massive number of elderly terrorists out and about on German streets these days, Berlin Police authorities have urged the general public to remain vigilent and, should direct contact with them prove to be unavoidable, to at least always approach these dangerous individuals with the utmost of caution.

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