Douglas Perry and his wife Vicki were walking their Siberian Husky, Sierra, and American Eskimo, Buster, Tuesday night when the pit bull approached alone. It first attacked the husky then clamped Vicki Perry’s hand in its jaws. Douglas Perry let go of Buster’s leash to allow him to escape the pit bull, but the animal chased the little dog down and bit him. He grabbed a kitchen knife from a neighbor’s house and stabbed the attacking dog in the chest, but it would not release its grip on Buster’s neck. The knife cut Perry’s hand as the pit bull struggled. Perry had to stab the dog a second time before it let go. The pit bull staggered away, collapsed and died in the street.

  I am an animal lover all the way.  But in a situation like that I would of done the same thing.  Wether  or not that dog could of been rehabilitated I would of killed that dog.  I owned a Stafford Shire Terrier once Chief, about the nicest dog you could come across.  A person I knew owned  his brother Dakota. Chief was as normal as a dog could get, happy, healthy.  His brother Dakota was the same except for he killed my rabbit, my goat, my bird, honestly what was next my kids or my cat.  I had Dakota put down.  Then my friends dog a American Rottweiler Harley  came over to visit one day and that dog killed my Momma goat.  You know thats considered Live Stock where I come from and where I come from thats a shoot on sight right that I have as a live stock owner.  In other words it’s my right to shoot that animal for killing my live stock.  But I had a friendship with Harley’s owners and allowed them to keep there dog in there car for the duration of the visit.  That dog was never allowed at my house again.  I heard he was a repeat offender.  Its sad.  Chief ended up killing a small pony sized goat that belonged to my neighbor.  I understand that prey is prey and that its just the dogs natural instinct.  It is an owners responsibility to keep there dog secure at all times,  in a fenced in enclosure or a structure or tied to a tree.  An animal that attacks and kills other animals is a risk to the public.  They are not demon monsters who don’t deserve love.  Owners need to be aware of there dogs traits and characteristics so that they can protect not only there dogs from a sad situation but also to protect the public.

 The Perry’s walked away from the incident with only wounds on their hands. Their dogs were treated for puncture wounds at an animal hospital. Both pets were back home Wednesday and are expected to survive. Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez said Perry was within his rights to kill the pit bull. Despite the ordeal, the Perry’s were sorry that the animal had to die.”I hated that I had to stab that dog,” Douglas Perry told the paper. “It just wouldn’t let go, and I saw no other choice. 

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