Do you remember the famine in Ethiopia? It occured under a communist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam , who had killed thousands of his opponants in what is called Ethiopia’s “Red Terror “, and then destroyed Ethiopia’s economy by his socialist policies, including forcibly resettling hundreds of thousands, so that when famine struck, a million people died while he diverted needed food sent by Western NGO’s from areas that opposed him.

Well, Miram is hiding out with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. An Ethiopian court has tried him in abstentia and convicted him of genocide and he faces the death penalty.

And Mugabe refuses to extradite him. LINK .

You know about President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, don’t you. He’s a nice communist dictator who won the election by diverting food from villages who might vote against him, and after he won the election, he destroyed the houses and shops of areas that voted against him.

It’s not a coincidence: Mariam is rumored to have advised “operation cleanup”, where Mugabe destroyed the middle class city dwellers’ homes and shops, making them chose to live in shantytowns illegally or to flee to their native villages. Estimates vary on how many were affected (Wikipedia gives an estimate of LINK 300,000 displaced, but the UN estimates a much higher number), and destroyed not only shops but clinics, convents, and at least one mosque.)

According to the Zimbabwe independent news agency ZIM, Mangwana declared “Comrade Mengistu asked for asylum and he was granted that asylum. That position will not change.”…


LINK   ….The charges against Mengistu and his co-accused relate to atrocities committed during the 1977-78 “Red Terror” period when tens of thousands of people were killed or disappeared in his bid to turn Ethiopia into a Soviet-style workers’ state.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines with her husband and extended family. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket , and she sometimes posts to Mugabe Makaipa Blog about Zimbabwe.

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