It doesn’t really add up, Watson (or whatever your name might be). How can concerned German environmental activists be holier-than-thou enough to present an airline company boss with an award like the Dinosaur of the Year and still go out of their way to fly with the same airline whenever they possibly can?


The German Nature Federation (NABU) has given their Dinosaur of the Year award to Air Berlin boss Joachim Hunold in recognition of his “ignorance concerning necessary climate protection measures”. Although I am sure that this guy has done his best to earn the honor (doesn’t everyone?), I am not so sure if recognition is being given to whom the recognition is really due. It is my impression that there are another 80 million Germans out there who generally do not book a flight anywhere unless it costs less than 30 euros (round trip, of course), so enough of this false modesty nonsense, Leute (people), you could use a pat on the back, too.

Of course one could counter with the argument that these environmental activist types don’t book these types of flights, but that doesn’t really add up, does it? Billigflieger (el cheapo) flights have more than doubled in number here in Germany over the past few years and being that every German any of us might be acquainted with is a dyed-in-the-wool environmentally activated climate protector type par excellence, well… You do the math.

I know, why don’t these people at NABU begin a broad-based grassroots movement to keep Germans from booking all these flights? You know, something like a “buy German and save the world” campaign by having them quit vacationing so much in foreign countries and just stay home for once? Or if they absolutely positively have to travel abroad, then they have to take the train or public transportation, or maybe walk?

I couldn’t find a campaign like that on their website (or anywhere else) right now, but I probably just overlooked it or something. I’m sure that will be the next big thing (not).

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