Or never thought of asking, I should say. What is it with these public people out there these days anyways? First Eva Hermann commits reality TV hara-kiri by using the N-Word tantō, then Gabriele Pauli decides to switch careers and become a standup comedienne/cabaret artist by suggesting that marriages get stamped with a seven year shelf life, and now Berlin’s party-animal-self-made-gay-man-SPD-flip-flop-I-am-bored-with-the-city-of-Berlin-now-and-want-to-be-Chancellor-instead-but-don’t-tell-anybody-just-yet mayor Klaus Wowereit has published his memoirs. Thank goodness he made it in time too because he just turned 54.

Klaus (some call him “Wowi”) has been subjecting his Berlin subjects (and others like me who just happen to live here) to annoying little tidbits about his less than fascinating life in the Bild all week long now already already already and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down at the moment. In fact, he appears to just be “warming” up. Hardy, har, har – “warm” in German is a reference to being gay, kind of sort of. You know, as in “he’s so warm he can iron his clothes with the palm of his hand”?

Anyway, that’s about the only thing that is even mildly interesting about Klaus Wowereit, if you ask me. Okay, and the fact that he worked his way up from the bottom of the social ladder. I have to like that; I’m an American (it’s in the Constitution or something). But other than that, the guy is a dreadful, pompous bore, completely stuck on himself, blind with ambition and Profilneurose (obsessed with the limelight), and completely lacking in having any genuine idealistic conviction or real (real man?) character.

You know, he’s the perfect mix for a life in politics and thoroughly usable Chancellor-material. And that’s why he wrote the book in the first place. But don’t tell anybody just yet.

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