Black and white when it comes to mainstream racial prejudice, I mean, and green when it comes to the way Germans like to see themselves in relation to everybody else in the world.

Naturally tending to keep things in order, a recent study indicates that one in four Germans like to do this by holding clear-cut xenophobic opinions. This is apparently also the same one in four who believes that “a single, strong party that represents the German community” would be the way to go. But always willing to innovate and introduce new products, the study also reports about a new form of something they call German “cultural racism.” These are the prejudices held against marginal groups like the unemployed, those who haven’t properly conformed to the social norm – you know, to the 25 percent that hates them.

This black and white German world wouldn’t really be all that bad if they wouldn’t paint everything green in the process, too. All Germans, whether xenophobic or not, believe that their CO2 simply doesn’t stink. That German coal consumption is increasing all the time and they still make the dirtiest cars and the most Dreck (dirt) in Europe is, well, hey. Details, details.

By the way, the survey says that the main targets of German prejudice these days are Turks and Russians, who the Germans see as particularly parasitical and grasping. I can certainly understand the Turk part. After last night’s game, I mean. They really are grasping at the moment. See you Wednesday, Germany and Turkey.

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