Senator Daniel Moynihan of New York used to remind people:”Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.  He is not entitled to his own facts.”

This is the problem with Iran’s so called “Holocaust” conference.

Freedom of speech for opinions are one thing. Denying reality is not a sign of freedom of speech, but a denial of truth itself.

Those going to the conference insist “they” are experts. Yet how many are scholars, committed to the truth?

A BBC reporter attending the conference notes the narcissism of the presenters.

For example, THIS supporter starts by changing the subject. Mr. Baron criticizes the press for criticizing Mohammed, a “real” person, “unlike Jesus”…(Umm…hate to tell you, Mr. Baron, but Jesus is considered a real person by those following Islam. You just blasphemed.  )

Well, at the conference, Mr. Baron is presenting a talk named: “THE NAZI GAS CHAMBERS: Rumours, Lies And Reality – One Researchers View.”

Fine. That’s a technical subject. Now, is your area of expertise waste disposal? Do you work for an incinerator company, or do you have a degree in engineering and expertise in incinerators? Did you check the documents of the companies that supplied the poison gas? Did you check the technical papers on how to change shower heads to spray gas instead of water? Did you check if the shower rooms were air tight? Did you check the papers of the company supplying the gas under the guise of Rat poison? Can you calculate the amount needed to kill rats in a camp, and how often it should be used, and then calculate how much should have been ordered, and how much was actually shipped to the concentration camps?

These are facts that can be checked and evaluated. So is that your area of expertise?

Or is your expertise in checking the meticulous papers kept by the Nazis, that document the number of people who were killed? Do you speak German, Ukrainian, Russian, Latvian, and Polish so you can read the original documents?

Or are you trained in statistics and evaluating demographics? For example, the Ukrainian famine deaths were calculated by estimating the drop of population by comparing two census numbers. Have you done this to calculate the population drop in Polish cities? And if the holocaust didn’t occur, pray tell where did the Jews, Poles, Russian POW’s and Gypsies go?

Mr. Baron tells us why he is such an expert on the Holocaust: he read some books. But reading books does not make one an expert. It would be like having open heart surgery done by a person who read a few books on Cardiology.

However, although I can’t find his educational degrees on the Internet. Oh, I did find that he used to be a member of the now defunct neo Nazi “British Movement”.

One would think that a neo Nazi would be upset about brown people degrading the genes of pure white Aryan women in the UK, however, hating Jews is more important. That is probably why we find him attending a conference giving a paper entitled: “Is there really an Islamic threat”.

But in googling about Mr. Baron, I found that he is not exactly loved by other right wing anti Semites. Perhaps it’s because he has written against David Irving, another Holocaust denier who claims to be a scholar. Or maybe it is just the way he is. I mean, when even his co conspirators against Zionism (sic) complain his exposes tend toward the pornographic, you have to wonder about the quality of his writings.
Here is his web page LINK

His web page has a long lengthy list of litigation, but no mention of education. Sorry, I’m a scientist.
Limerick writing doesn’t count.

I mean, David Duke at least went to college (his “doctorate” is from a diploma mill in the Ukraine, but he does have a BA in something or other).

But, of course, the “holocaust conference” is not really about the Holocaust, nor about finding the truth. As the BBC points out , the real object of the conference is clear.
“...if there was no Holocaust then there was no justification for the creation of the state of Israel. Therefore Israel was an impostor.

It had all the simplicity of a mathematical proof …

So this was the aim of the conference for Iran – to undermine the very argument for the existence of Israel.

A watchtower at Auschwitz

Holocaust deniers insist Auschwitz could not have been a death camp


And also to score a few points over the West on the issue of freedom of speech. Every delegate I interviewed congratulated Iran on its commitment to freedom of speech which they said was absent in the West where their comrades were in jail for denying the Holocaust.
They all paid tribute to their new hero, President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. I asked them if they knew about the journalists and students who have been jailed in Iran for pushing the limits of freedom of speech in this country.

They were vague – happy to whitewash Iran without knowing the facts.”

Yes, when you have conspiracy theories, who needs facts?
Hirsi Ali in today’s LATimes writes about the daily anti semitism that she encountered as a girl in Saudi Arabia and Kenya.

Hirsi Ali urges Muslims to condemn this daily ridicule of Jews, but the reporting from Arab periodicals is mixed in that regard.

But not all Iranians are happy. Indeed, Iranian students did protest ., as Gateway Pundit documents.

AKI Kronos and Iran News (picture above) are reporting that there’s trouble brewing at home for Ahmadinejad and the mullahs:

“Whoever sows wind, will reap a tempest” ran the concluding line of a statement published in Tehran on Wednesday by the Tahkim Vahdat, the main student movement in Iran. Monday’s incident, where hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was heckled by students at the controversial Holocaust denial conference, “shows that the universities are alive and do not intend to stay silent at the ruin of the country,” Vahdat’s leaders said.

So a fluttering candle of truth remains lit in Iran.

May it long stay lit.——————

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living with her husband in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket .

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