According to the Detroit News, some “exotic” dancers were reporting that Super Bowl Sunday was proving to be a great day for pricey private performances:

Add strippers to the list of Super Bowl beneficiaries, joining breweries, chip makers and pizza joints. Amid the exotic dancer doldrums of winter, the Super Bowl stands out.

In just a few hours tomorrow night, Hassan’s dancers will generate nine times more than the $5,000 the company typically grosses on a winter weekend.

This reminds me of a Free Press article I read a year ago, indicating that, when Detroit was being besieged by a sudden influx of pricey, out-of-state prostitutes in preparation for the All-Star Game and Super Bowl. Like the above, this was also an highly-speculative and poorly sourced article written before the fact with no follow-up. Has Miss Jackson really catapulted Super Bowl halftime into the Set of Orgiastic Archetypes along with bachelor parties and frat initiations?

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