Everybody has doubts now and again about decisions they have made. Even politicians do, although they are always the very last to admit it. It’s understandable, it could mean your job after all.

And although Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit may haughtily dismiss Chancellor Merkel’s recent comments supporting keeping Berlin’s Tempelhof airport open as being a “transparent party political maneuver”, and he should certainly know one of those when he sees one, it’s looking more and more like he and his left-wing buddies midtown are beginning to doubt their decision to and insistence upon shutting the place down.

On April 27 the city will vote on a referendum to keep Tempelhof open, the issue now having turned into a hot partisan battle between SPD and the Left on the left (duh) and Merkel’s conservative CDU on the right (it’s also an issue between old West-Berlin and the Hauptstadt der DDR, of course, but nobody wants to say that out loud because that would be rude). And depending upon how the Berliners decide to vote, and it is their decision after all, Wowereit’s “fears of legal complications”, should the airport be allowed to stay open, are going to be the least of his worries. It could mean his job after all.

Why am I enjoying watching this grassroots rebellion stuff so much? Why not? Come to think of it, how could I not?

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