Painful is my guess. Rush Hour 3

He says he wakes up daily feeling pain in his waist, knees and shoulders. Not bad for a guy–who should be a spokesperson for some 24-hour Emergency-care chain–who has broken every bone in his 5’6″ body. He banged up his chest on the set of the China smash hit “Rob-B-Hood,”and then reinjured it last week filming The first injury in March happened when a stunt man wearing the wrong shoes kicked him. There are right shoes? In “Rush Hour 3” he got hit with a steel-reinforced wooden table. Chan’s worst injury worst was a brain hemorrhage, a few years back, while filming “Armor of God” which he was obviously not wearing. They say he is OK and I am glad as I am a huge fan; and I can’t wait for the next flick. My opinion is in sharp contrast to that of Ms Yue who thinks he doesn’t hurt nearly enough to atone for his past extra-marital behavior.

By Lonnie B Hodge at OMBW 

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