Much has been speculated about Lawyer Jose Baez’s competence to represent suspected tot killer Casey Anthony. Florida has some pretty tough standards when it comes to letting an attorney represent a client in a potential capital punishment case. Those standards are in place for a good reason, a qualified lawyer rather than an ambulance chaser, knows what is at stake, potentially someones life. More importantly the use of a qualified lawyer who is not going to make obvious gaffs, cuts down on the opportunity for the guilty to appeal conviction based on their councils incompetence.

With suspected tot killer Casey Anthony enjoying a state sponsored vacation and facing a Murder 1 wrap, it is oh so critical for the defense team to play their cards with great care. They seem to be out of Aces, and must now try to bluff their way to a win.

I was incredulous, when last night Nancy Grace has Jose Baez spokesman Todd Black on her show and he came out with the following quote.

The case is not just about the loss of the girl’s life, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony.

Umm, maybe I am missing something, I thought the defense team and the Anthony family were firmly convinced that Caylee Anthony was still alive? They were expecting her to turn up any day now following a nice vacation in Puerto Rico, or an extended shopping trip to Wal-Mart, or whatever other fictitious nonsense that Casey Anthony would have us believe.

I will bet that Jose Baez and the illustrious spokesman Todd Black have has a few harsh words over this enormous gaff. I wonder is Todd is seeking a new position? Maybe he could assist OJ Simpson when the appeal is launched?

This slip of the tongue may well have some consequences. If the defense dream nightmare team can not get their act straight, then suspected tot killer Casey Anthony has some great material for appeal after she is found guilty, and there is no doubt in my mind, that guilty is going to be the verdict. If your IQ is bigger than Leonard Padilla’s hat size, how could you possibly disagree?

Actually this is the second event that may well save Casey Anthony from ‘the needle’ for a while. It transpires that during the ‘secret’ Grand Jury discussion, someone inadvertently turned on the microphones and everyone plugged into the internal sound system (read press) got to hear a portion of the debate.

Several people that I have spoken with have asked why not give her a polygraph? Well the simple answer is that the results are not admissible as evidence. The even simpler reason is that this woman would make the polygraph machine ‘red line’ just while she was spelling her name!

Simon Barrett

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