That the people’s pedagogue and Mr. Politainment himself missionary man Michael Moore “has a lot of bad qualities to flaunt… He is populist and polemical, oversimplifies everything, plays the patriot propagandist and is also fat and vain” was not really news to me. But that this could be written in German by a German and published in a “serious” German newspaper is quite shocking and revealing and news in and off itself.

Let’s face it. This guy could do no wrong over here for years on end. There was a veritable Moore Mania breakout outbreak in this country and everybody who was anybody (and that’s practically everybody I know, by the way) proudly leafed throw his or her latest Michael Moore brochure in the U-Bahn on the way to work each morning – although I did actually catch a couple fans holding the things upside down once or twice.

But times change and people change (not) and even everybody’s favorite American Nestbeschmutzer (one who dirties his own nest) gets boring after awhile. Even here, I mean. Even when one of his fascinating movies gets released here with the obligatory fanfare and yet nobody seems to want to go anymore because he is like so von gestern, Alter (so yesterday, man) already, I mean.

Tja, life can be cruel and unusual sometimes, especially when you are cruel and unusual yourself (although he’s not all that unusual at all, come to think of it). But maybe things will take a turn for the better now, Mike. Maybe the German release of your “new” flick Sicko (sicko Flick?) will live up to its name and everybody will jump back onboard and get all manic and agitated again. Or maybe they won’t. Hard to say for sure.

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