Earlier this year, Naperville (a Chicagoland suburb) was ranked the #2 town in the nation to raise a family.  This was an improvement, for last year it was ranked #3.  But such rankings don’t necessarily decrease the town’s susceptibility to danger.  In fact, on Tuesday, October 3, the Naperville Central High School experienced a campus lockdown to ensure the safety of its students.  Why, or what was so threatening?  School officials discovered disturbing graffiti in a girls bathroom stall that was construed a threat.  Naperville Police Lieutenant Dave Hoffman would not disclose the message the graffiti portrayed, but it was threatening enough to warrant police intervention to lay all concerns to rest.

Classes continued throughout the course of the day, as did after school activites, but students were forbidden to leave the campus until the investigation had been completed.  Police were unable to determine who vandalized the girls bathroom, or when it occurred, but they deemed the environment safe enough for students to leave. 

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