Evangelization in order to preserve and restore Western lifestyle!

Perhaps Benedict XVI is on the right track when he emphasizes the need for the contemporary Church to return to its missionary activities. In the 21st century the Catholic Church is deeply immersed in a struggle of dialectics, Judeo/Christianity versus Islamic fundamentalism. It appears that the old issues of the Crusades have popped up again and Catholics are called not only to defend their faith, but also protect their member’s allegiances.
In some cases, the call to Islam is drawing Catholic believers away from the faith of the Apostles to the faith of Mohammed. The teachings of ,the Christian Gospels, namely “love of God” and “Love of neighbor” is being undermined by the Islamic call to jihad against Judeo/Christian teachings. Islamic fundamentalism is attempting to replace Christian “love” with ongoing and constant political and theological upheaval in the endeavor to make the Koran the normative text of religious observation.
The Church is really in a difficult situation in our present day. On one hand the traditional Christian communities of Europe have increasingly turned for the most part theologically neutral, while the shift to the African and South American continents have provided a new flood of believers. The real issue here is quite honestly not the rise of new believers, the matter that really creates concern for the Church and its institutional future is rooted in developing third world countries. Namely, theological beliefs aside, the economic situations of the growing Catholic believers does not appear to support a large hierarchical Church.
The spread of Islam contributes an additional concern for Church vitality throughout the developing world. As the resources used to sustain a Church are dwindling, believers are increasingly drawn to the fundamentalism of the teachings of the Koran. The Muslim condition calls believers from developing nations, and masks the call to evangelization and prayer as the alternative to institutional theocracy and remnants of colonial expansionism.
Islam at this time in world history offers to its followers the same freedoms and opportunities that the Church offered after the Dark Ages…namely a personal embracement of a monotheistic religion that shares the same world view of its mutual believers. The struggle emerges as a classical confrontation of East against West, Islam against Judeo/Christianity, emerging nations toppling the Christian status quo that was the primary guiding principle of Western democratic culture.
Islam is an entity of growing theocratic influence that reaches beyond the ritual expressions of a singular religion. Its principles of conversion make the entire proselytizing mission of Islam as the total dominance of good versus evil. Of course, the Christian West is the latter, in a similar manner that Reagan compared the Soviet Union in the 1980’s as the “Evil Empire!”
However the Judeo/Christian message does not advocate religious jihad against others as the Koran indicates. Islamic believers are being caught up in the fervor of religious fundamentalism and extremism, the target is Judeo/Christianity. The goal is total subjugitation of the Judeo/Christian believers in a reverse Crusade which places Islam at the forefront of a religiously rooted empire. Most individuals that consider the situation only see the matter in terms of religious influence and the traditional dominance by one of the main monotheistic religions.
However the situation is more serious than just that. We are poised at a critical period in global history, where Western civilization with its roots and principles established in Judeo/Christian culture and traditions is about to be turned upside down. This inversion of spiritual and cultural differences is more powerful than any nuclear confrontation that could have been imagined by the Cold War. This potential world shattering, bases its life and development upon Islamic domination of not only the theological world, but the secular world as well.
Our Western manner of life is really the heart of what is at stake here. The freedom of religious expression is teetering on the verge of monolithic Moslem control and most Judeo/Christians complacently watch it as it becomes stronger. Religious evangelization yes is the guise under which the Islamic faith emerges, but the clear intent is the replacement of Judeo/Christian principles and lifestyle.
The reality of the matter is really this, the West needs to emerge from its isolationist and Capitalist cocoon and embrace the fundamental principles of Judeo/Christian based government before there is no longer a choice. Benedict XVI’s call to evangelize is not about conversion of individuals to just Catholicism and a Christian religion; it’s about embracing a lifestyle and culture of religious freedom that is in peril of Islamic conquest.
 The preaching efforts of Benedict XVI focus upon the centrality of love to all of our religious beliefs and worship. This is uniquely contrasted with the militant approach that is advocated by the Islamic factions. Love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self are the triad hallmarks of Benedict’s message to potential believers and current believers that need to be refreshed in faith.
Not only is there a global struggle going on in the name of religion, this struggle involves the primary manner in which we all life, act, work and worship. Islamic belief is indeed one of monotheism; however the loving Father image of the New Testament is replaced with a God of retribution that deals out calculated responses for transgressions.

Also just as obvious is the reinstitution of the Hebrew law of lex talionis, now applied to Moslem standards. If you recall the Law of Moses was commonly called the law of retaliation, “an eye for an eye” system of administering justice. Our western society has long ago rejected this type of legal retribution against religious and social transgressors. Islamic dominance would restore the legalistic system of retribution on all levels of theocratic life.
Another significant factor in our Western culture is the status and treatment of women within our pluralistic society. Islam offers a patriarchal society where in most cases the woman is required to be subservient to the male head of the family. Young women and girls are frequently married into families without their consent or consideration, and the most rudimentary education is given to most females.
The society with which we have become so familiar, working women with equal rights and full participation in all aspects of life and government would come to a halting stop. Judeo/Christians need to look upon the need to evangelize not just as a theological instrument of spreading the faith, but a tool with which we preserve our faith and Western society. The signs here might be subtle, and are disguised under the umbrella of religion, but the stark reality is much more complicated and sinister.
The struggle of Islam against Christianity is causing global social and economic shifts away from our common Judeo/Christian heritages. The call to evangelization is one which should top the list of all of our religious leaders, because it is also a call to preservation of western lifestyle. While there are issues and faults with our lifestyle in the West a closer examination and deep study of our cultural issues, conjoined with a Christian theology is capable of correcting any of our society’s ills. There needs to develop an open discussion between religious leaders and political leaders.
Not to impose a specific brand of Catholicism, or another Christian denomination, but to explore our common humanity and live life in a new accordance to Divine law. Such cooperation would not only enhance the dignity of the human condition, it would provide a positive example against the destructively rooted jihad which threatens global harmony and stability.
So Benedict really does have a perception of global significance that is not rooted in a theory of Islamic racism, but rather a perception rooted in Gospel applications of love and universal brotherhood. Evangelization must happen within each Judeo/Christian believer, and the transformation of our internal motivations needs to be Theo-centric. Only when we have strengthened our common appreciation of each person’s humanity will we successfully pacify Islam and all of its militant forces.
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