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Title: Evan Almighty
With all the rain we have received lately it is not surprising that the new comedy in theaters this week is about a guy building an ark. Evan Almighty stars Steve Carell as a prominent politician who is told by God to build an Ark. To do so means not only looking strange to his family and friends but also jeopardizing his entire political future. In the end he finds that God’s ways truly are not our own.
This is a charmingly funny film due mainly in part to the comic timing of Steve Carell (Evan). Add to the mix Wanda Sykes (Rita) and John Michael Higgins (Marty) and you have a trio of improvisational greatness. But it is more than just another comedy. When we talked to Steve Carell he brought up the point that this is a film with heart and a very kind message. There are some very simple themes to this movie. It’s a movie where the whole family can grab a bucket of popcorn and have a great time. Director Tom Shadyac agreed adding, “this is an ark story with animals, and a boat and a flood and I wanted everyone from a two year old to a grandparent and every one in between to be able to enjoy it”. It is a film for all.
True this is a movie about God visiting Evan and asking him to build an ark but it also has many themes running through it. Themes of the importance of family time and prioritizing your life. It is a story of sticking it out with your spouse through tough times. There are even strong elements of protecting the environment. What works well in this film is that it says all these things but never feels preachy or heavy handed. At its root it is a comedy. But it shows that you can watch a comedy for the whole family that is fun and zany, and still learn something in the end.
Evan Almighty is rated PG for mild rude humor and some peril. It is a fun ride for the entire family and you would have to look long and hard to find anything offensive. Unless animals offend you, then you may be in trouble, because there are many in this film. Lauren Graham who plays Evan’s wife Joan said it was hard to remember that the animals where there to act. She wanted to make it her own little petting zoo. So whether you are a fan of Carell or animals or a comedy with heart, this is a film to enjoy. I give it 4.5 out of 5 animals walking two by two. With a look at Evan Almighty, I’m Matt Mungle
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