By Honey Gillard 

’Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria once ditched a man whilst on a blind date. Why? Because he “deserved it”. 

Latin lady Longoria’s friends had set the star up for a blind date, but it seemed the well-intentioned night soon evolved to quite a nightmare. Eva commented that her so-called date was not only “rude” but he was also “aggressive” and frankly “a little bit odd”.

Longoria remembers: “He was rude, aggressive, presumptuous, scary, and to be honest he was a little bit odd.” 

“I kept thinking ‘Who would imagine me with this guy?'” 

It didn’t take Longoria long to start looking for an escape root. The actress insists that she had only one option to end her nightmare, and that was pretending to use the washroom and then disappearing – quite a harsh treatment but she insists that he thoroughly deserved.

Longoria said: “In the end I went to the bathroom and never came back. He deserved it.”

The actress has since banned her friends from EVER trying to set her up on a blind date EVER again. 

Eva is set to exchange vows with her fiancé Tony Parker this coming July.

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Source: Starpulse

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